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Monday, April 5, 2010

Romantic Weekend Getaway in Canmore and Banff Alberta

It was our first of the many romantic getaways Dave and I went to this year 2010.  It was really fun.

February 13, 2010- February 15, 2010 - 3 days and 2 nights and we stayed at Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge in Canmore.  It was a long weekend, Family Day on Feb. 15 and we decided to spend the weekend with each other rather than with the whole family (parents, siblings, etc.).  It's all worth it.

Our budget was set to $600-$650.  It was a little bit tight for the activities we're considering at the beginning but because of our planning expertise (LOL), we end up just within our budget.  We found a great place to stay in for 2 nights and we had a great deal too.  It was a promotion for only $89/night.  We realized that if we stay at the Banff area, the hotels/motels/lodges are way more expensive than the other hotels/motels/lodges in the surrounding areas.   So we cancelled our reservation from the other hotel in Banff and reserved the one we found at Canmore, Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge (1711 Bow Valley Trail Canmore, AB).

We got the 1 Bedroom Apartment with the kitchen and a fireplace.   It was just perfect for the two of us.  It has a mountain view.  We love it.

The Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge unit was clean, quaint, romantic, and has everything we need.   The kitchen amenities and the cleaning service when we went back after our activities were just perfect.  There is an internet access but we decided not to bring our laptops for that weekend getaway because we both wanted to have an alone time together, no distractions or disturbances.  And yes, we can live without internet.    I would definitely go back there.  They have a sauna and a pool I believe but we didn't get the chance to go there at that time.

We cooked our own breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner.  Of course on that Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010, we had a romantic dinner reservation in Canmore, AB.  We ate at the famous Sage Bistro Restaurant.  It is located at 1712 Bow Valley Trail
Canmore, AB (403) 678-4878. 
Yes, Sage Bistro is a very romantic restaurant.  It has a romantic atmosphere, excellent food, great mountain view, and we didn't know, it was walking distance from the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge.

We were very surprised when we found out that their food were not that expensive compared to other great romantic restaurants out there and in the surrounding areas such as in Banffs and Kananaskis.  Especially on the special day, Valentine's dinner, we only spend less than $100, about $87.18 to be specific. lol.

Here are some of the romantic winter activities we did when we were in Canmore and Banff Alberta:

  • Banff Public Carriage /Sleigh Ride - a 45 minute tour that took us along Bow River, showing us the remote areas, western style.  We purchased the tickets ($27/adult) from Banff Adventures Unlimited. 
  • Romantic skating time at The Canmore Skating Pond and is located on 7th Avenue at Mallard Alley (just two blocks from Main Street).  The surface is approximately 150m X 60m.  The Pond is the site for several Town winter special events (Skate with Santa, New years on the Pond, Kid & Mutt Races, Ice Carving).  The pond is appropriate for all age groups and is ideal for families.   No sticks or pucks are allowed.   The Pond is a public skating rink so it's free.

  •  Talking, laughing, and drinking at Starbucks Coffee in 112-1240 Railway Avenue Canmore, AB T1W 1P4 (403) 609-9552.

  • We watched the Valentine's Day movie that Saturday afternoon, Feb. 13, 2010, at the Lux Cinema Centre in 229 Bear St., Banff, (403) 762-8595.  We paid the matinee for $7/adult.  It's fun and cheaper.

  • We brought our DVDs and watched them at our suite in Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge.

  • It's funny how we also end up watching Olympics in the suite during our 3 days, 2nights romantic weekend get away. 

  • Making love day in and day out.  (Of course no pictures)  Lol.

  • And more.

The whole romantic weekend getaway for us is a way to reignite our passion for each other, to be alone again, and  to give each other's undivided attention in spite of the fact that we don't have kids yet at this time.  However, we believe this was a time for us to be away for awhile from other things that ask for attention (i.e. families, friends, business, community, work, etc.).

It's amazing how relaxing it is and how wonderful it feels like to have a romantic weekend getaway with your spouse and at the same time celebrate another holiday, for instance Valentine's Day and Family Day, in our case.  We are looking for more romantic getaways soon.  Stay tuned!

Now is the time to start planning your own romantic weekend getway with your spouse! Have fun!

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